Author: anchal@HindiStars

Punjabi Script

In India, Punjabi is written in the distinctive Gurmukhi script, which is particularly associated with the Sikhs. That script is a member of the Indic family of scripts, written from left to right, but in its organization it differs significantly from the Devanagari used to write Hindi. The Urdu script, written from right to left, Read More …

Hindi Meet up – 2015

Namaste all, Namaste all, it is time to meet up again for our annual ”Hindi Meet Up”. Socialize with other Hindi learners and participate in interactive Hindi activities followed by delicious Indian lunch buffet. The event date is 20/09/2015 from 11am – 2pm in Harrow. Friends and family are also welcome! Hope to see you Read More …

Indian languages

Hindistars is happy to offer Gujarati and Punjabi lessons online via Skype. The teachers are qualified and experienced and understands the needs of the learners. Learn at your own pace -interactive lessons in the comfort of your home. Learn these beautiful languages to interact with your family, friends or colleagues.